Rosemary  Parker
Rosemary  Parker
Rosemary  Parker

Celebration of LIfe

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Victoria Tavern
400 Chilver Rd,
Windsor, ON, Ontario, Canada

Obituary of Rosemary Parker

“In the park or at school Rosemary always led and I stayed behind her. She would walk up to anyone and say ‘I’m Rosemary and this is my friend...’” - Rosemary’s BFF Rosemary died suddenly on March 26, 2022. Much loved and respected friend, lover and spouse to Kelly Mullen. Beloved daughter of the late Gordon and Margaret Parker and sister to Alan (Val), Christopher (late Arlene), Randy (Nicky), and the late Ralph (late Stella). She was aunty Posey to her many beloved nieces and nephews including the one who had the meltdown when she sliced the sandwich in the outre across fashion rather than the de rigueur diagonal way that mom did it. Her lap and her head scratching are already missed by her feline friends Nora Lou Who, Caspar, and Possum. Caspar has lost his special treat time, Nora her special kneading place, and Possum his favourite hand for drive-by head butts. In the morning the feral cat group, funny Ginger, mopey Rocky, and angry little Pan will no longer be startled by Rosemary making her way to the garage. After a brief foray into the advertising biz with Ogilvy & Mather Rosemary returned to school to study Food and Nutrition Management. She had a long career as a supervisor/manager/director with Sault Area Hospitals, Windsor Regional Hospital, and most recently with Lifetimes on Riverside retirement home. She always made an effort to support her staff in the most fair possible way and to ensure they had the right tools and a safe environment. She planted kitchen gardens with tomatoes and herbs so the chefs had the freshest ingredients. The staff was second only to the patients or residents of the facilities she worked at. At one place she brought in home grown hot peppers for a person who was craving them and at another she grew some for the same reason. In the second case that resident set off the fire alarm and almost forced a building evacuation when he microwaved some of the peppers. The gesture was good but the outcome left a bit to be desired. At various times she worked to get people who had stopped eating to start again by getting them to eat one tiny tomato or one little medicine cup of juice or a small bit of cheese but she also enforced the rules. When there were cookies or muffins or squares for all you did not want to be caught boosting three or four (you know who you are). Many times those treats were baked by Rosemary. She did not like to cook (when single there was not a shallot, bulb of garlic or stock of celery to be found in her home. How does one live?) She did however really enjoy baking things. She baked for family events and for work events and every Christmas for decades baked things for the folks who had to work the holidays. Rosemary found her place when she became Director of Culinary services. Responsible for all the food the residents of the retirement home ate she ordered from the wholesalers but she also personally shopped from small independent retailers in order to get the best ingredients for the best price thus allowing for more special treats for the residents. In season she drove out to the county on the weekends to buy direct from farms. The accounting department always knew her expense report before seeing her name. The receipts were all folded and creased as they had spent time in the Very Heavy Purse From Hell. She baked special things for the home’s holiday events. She tried to make every holiday special for everyone, creatively decorating and finding the right dish for the occasion. The last few Halloweens she dressed as a banana, a cookie, and a hamburger. Working in healthcare in 2020 and 2021 was a challenge for everyone. Rosemary did her best to give the residents the best experience under the circumstances. Kelly and Rosemary had just weeks shy of 24 years together. Their meeting was driven by the stars and foretold by the ancient books. Or, just childish and silly. He had come back to Canada as a sessional lecturer at a northern college. Rosemary had been laid off (thanks Mike Harris!) and was in a government funded adult self study computer skills upgrade program. In the final 3 weeks the course resource/trainer took ill and the school asked Kelly to take over. When the course ended the participants wanted to do the traditional beer and pizza party at a nearby bar. They invited Kelly. At this august event someone pressed a bit of paper into his hand under the table. Later he stepped out and read it: “Rosemary thinks you’re hot and really likes you. You should ask her out” (so very grade 6!). He did and they were the centre of each others lives and each others safe harbour from the world pretty much from that day forward. They moved to Windsor in 1999 and looked for the right place to settle. They found Old Walkerville and it was their home from 2000 on. He cooked and she baked. They read a lot of books and travelled a bit (often to places with great rib shacks). She would watch TV and he would hack things. They planted things. Because of their first international trip together geckos became a signature accessory. They were always covered in cat hair. Every birthday and Christmas he gave her a piece of old Belleek that she so loved. The pieces for the next two Christmases and next two birthdays sit at the back of the top shelf in his closet. “Rosemary was among the fewest who always saw a glass half-full. I can hear her voice... because she gave everyone her complete attention, almost singing when she spoke. Such a beautiful, kind soul.” - Kelly’s friend. The worst part about losing your love is that the person you most want to talk to about how you are feeling is no longer there for you to talk to. A celebration of Rosemary’s life will be held Wednesday April 6th from 6 to 8 at the Victoria Tavern 400 Chilver Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 2J7 Donations can be made to Crohn's and Colitis Canada
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